Entry #1

Bird Brains comic now live over at Deviantart.

2013-10-20 08:20:08 by Zarnagel

I started a little one-shot comic project titled "Bird Brains" back in September.

Didn't post it on here because I don't think Newgrounds is the best place for that kind of thing. If you're interested you can view it on my Deviantart hereor on my homepage here (The comic is in English, but the rest of the site is in German)

It's a short backwood-horror story about 4 rednecks going hunting in the woods. Updates are every Sunday, so far I'm at page 5 of 14 planned.

Btw: I'm still not sure wether the basic premise is even a good idea, but I just decided to do it anyway and see what people say :P


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2013-10-27 03:02:34

It's getting interesting. :) Seems like the interface is in English too though, bw, if you're looking to make the site bilingual there are plenty of free plugins for that, just search for bilingual in the repository.

Zarnagel responds:

Yes, the interface for the comic is from a plugin called comicEasel that's why its in English. I am indeed planning to make the site bilangual eventually. Gonna have to look into that.